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Distributed across the world with international editions, April 2008 saw the launch of the Chinese version of Abitare thanks to a joint venture with Rizzoli Beijing, also a partner of the company that manages Beijing Design Week.
Since 2011 Abitare has organised Festarch, the biggest international architecture festival.
Abitare comes out once a month with 10 issues per year.
The leading and most authoritative Spanish finance and economics newspaper. With its quick and concise style, it provides an informative overview of the most important news in the domestic and international finance, economics, IT and technology markets. EXPANSIÓN celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2011.
Men 70% Women 30%
46% of readers are 25-44 years of age
63% of readers belong to a high social class (A/B)
Education: 42% of readers have degrees
(Source: EGM III 2013).

Expansion.com is the best Spanish website for economics news and is targeted at opinion leaders and decision makers with high incomes and purchasing power. Every day it provides thorough, complete and impartial information organised into sections that cover the main areas of interest. Present on the Orbyt digital newsstand.

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EGM III 2013