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Formati Impattanti
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Video formats displayed before and after video editorial content. Allows to activate the attention of user when are waiting video content. Thanks to a big number of use about ON DEMAND videos, we gain interested levels of KPI typical of the video. It’s perfect to give continuity to tv campaigns or to exposure creativity ad hoc.

Size 640x360 px (16:9)
File Type MP4
Weight 1,7 MB
Lenght Max 15"
Rich Media
Flash N/A
Audio N/A
Video N/A
Flash Specs
Realase N/A
ClickTag AS2 N/A
ClickTag AS3 btn_nomePulsante.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, atterraggio); function atterraggio(event:MouseEvent):void { var clickTag = this.stage.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG; navigateToURL(new URLRequest(clickTag), "_blank"); }
Ad-Serving Served by Mediaowner or third Party
VAST Redirect VAST must contain MP4 and WEBM extensions, in order to make all browsers compliant.
VPAID VPAID is not accepted (new policy from 1/7/2019)
Technical Notes
Codec Video H.264
Video Bit-Rate 800 Kbps
Format profile Baseline@L3.1
Video Frame-Rate 25
Codec Audio AAC - LC
Channel Stereo
Audio Bit-Rate 96 Kbps
Creativity delivery RCS requires 5 business days to test creatives. Please send all creatives to