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LIVING.CORRIERE.IT is a new project from RCS dedicated to design, furnishings, new trends, lifestyle and decoration.

The new Living website, in line with Living Magazine, was designed to combine distinctive visuals with high-impact images, pace of content, maximum navigability and greater integration of ADV formats on the page.

TECHNOLOGY is designed to be responsive, to fit any screen resolution and to enable any device to make the best use of its content. The main menu is anchored to the page to make contents fully navigable and to provide constant access to the site’s sections.

Living is the design channel, with direct access from the main menu, high visibility within the online newspaper and complete editorial integration between the two publications.
A reader registered with the community also gains access to Living’s new features (read-it-later and catalogue wishlist).
It is integrated with Corriere's “passaparola" section for users interested in the home, design, furniture and decoration.

The main sections of the website (menu) are:
· Furnishings – design, products, decoration
· Home – homes presented in Living Magazine, and many others published exclusively on the web
· Lifestyle – Leading figures, events, trends
· Agenda – (Web only) location, appointments, events
· Addresses – our hotspot list, editorial offers, travel
· Blogs – (Web only) overview of thematic blogs
· Catalogue – (Web only)
· New galleries – across all sections

The catalogue and the Living products area include over 7,000 products selected by the editors.
The product descriptions highlight the image of the product, containing videos and presenting technical specifications and different variants.
The product sheet contains advice about other similar products, other products of the same brand and a selection of editorial content published in Living and related to the company.
You can save products from the catalogue on a personal wishlist. It is easier to share your favourite products on the main social networks and to print cards.

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