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This format frames editorial contents and is also called “background”. In its video version combine the visibility of the skin with the high power of the video. It’s perfect to campaign with high levels of engagement ensure an high level of viewability (100% viewable). It’s perfect of branding campaigns and announcements. In its video version respects the most important national and international guidelines of category starting up audio OFF.

Dimensioni VIDEO 640x360 px
Formato video .mp4/.ogv
Codec video H.264
Frame Rate video 25 fps (pal)
Data Rate video 800 Kbps
Codec audio AAC, H.264
Sample size audio 16
Sample Rate audio 22.050
Data Rate audio 48 Kbps
Peso max 1.5 MB
Durata max 15''
Immagine poster Si GIF Statica, JPG –1920x880 px – max 100 KB
Video cliccabile SI
Consegna Materiali 5 GG. Lavorativi Prima della Partenza della Campagna
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