Medium Rectangle Video

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It’s the most  famous format of the web. Cross-device, adaptable, reach all of users on all devices, sites and communication networks. His rectangle size is adaptable on all type of creativeness, and is responsive. The medium rectangle video has the  video player with the interactive buttons (play, stop, pause) to stimulate the interaction of users. The video respects the most important national and international  guidelines of category starting up audio OFF.

Total size 300x250 px
Video size 640x360 px (16:9)
File type MP4
Max weight 1,7 MB
Max length 30"
Poster Image (obligatory) Static GIF, JPG – 640x360 px – max 50KB
HTML5 Creatives in HTML5 format must be created with these guidelines
Ad-Serving Served by Mediaowner or Third Party
Technical notes
Codec Video H.264
Video Bit-Rate 800 Kbps
Format profile Baseline@L3.1
Video Frame-Rate 25 fps
Codec Audio AAC - LC
Channel Stereo
Audio Bit-Rate 96 Kbps
Creativity delivery RCS requires 5 business days to test creatives. Please send all creatives to