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The Print to Multimedia format is multimedia enrichment of the advertising purchased in the paper version of the magazine:
• Multimedia elements that can be activated by touching the ad;
• Available with Videos or Galleries;
• The format is provided simultaneously in both the publication application and in the supplement contained in the Corriere Digital Edition/Gazzetta Digital Edition.



A specific Tablet Material may only be published as an enhancement of a Paper Material.
There is a Standard Send function for sending Tablet Materials; they cannot be sent attached to Bookings or combined with Paper Materials.
During the Standard Send procedure you will be prompted for some data necessary to ensure the material is published correctly.
When it has received the Tablet Material file, the system checks its size and makes it directly available for combination with the Paper Material; the format of the file must therefore already conform to the requirements for publication on the Tablet.



A video must be supplied in MPEG-4 format and the size of the file (.mp4) must not exceed 5 MB

Recommended technical characteristics of the MPEG-4 video

• Codec HS264

• Dimension 640x360

• Data Rate 600 Kbps

• Frame Rate 25 fps (pal)

• Audio AAC, H264

• Data Rate: 48Kbps

• Sample Size 16

• Sample Rate 22050

• Channels: Stereo


Sequence of photographs.

A single compressed file in ZIP format, containing all the desired photographs in JPEG format and nothing else, must be supplied. The total capacity of the photographs (.jpg files) contained in the compressed file (.zip) must not exceed 1 MB. The order in which the photographs are to appear may be established during the send operation; once sent, the order cannot be changed without performing another send operation and deleting the previous material.

Recommended Technical Characteristics of the JPEG file

1024 x 768 pixel.


• Having entered the portal (see Fig. 1), select the "DAILY PAPERS" or "PERIODICALS" section according to the newspaper to which you wish to send the material (1);

• Select the "TABLET MATERIALS" tab (2);

• Select the "SEND MATERIAL" command (3).

Fig. 1

• On the Send Tablet Material screen (see Fig. 2), fill in the Customer field (1);

• Fill in the Subject field (2);

• Select the Newspaper (3); if the desired newspaper does not appear on the drop-down menu, this means that no tablet-specific advertising material may be published in it;

• Add the date on which you wish the material that you are sending to be used (4); if the tablet material is to be published on more than one date, subsequent send operations should be performed;

• Select the type (5); the drop-down menu only presents the types available for the newspaper selected on the date entered;

• Press "Browse" (6) to select the file to be sent from one of the computer's drives;

• Press the "Attach" key (7) and wait for the file transfer procedure to be completed;

• If the attached file exceeds the maximum size allowed for the selected type, an error message will appear and the send operation will be aborted.

Fig. 2

• With Photogallery, if supported by the browser, the screen for setting the order in which the photographs are to appear in the photogallery will be displayed (see Fig.3).

• The photographs will be shown initially in alphabetical order.

• If permitted by the connection speed, check the box for viewing the photographs (1);

• Select the photograph you wish to move (2);

• Use the arrow keys to move the photograph to the desired position (3);

• Having sorted the photographs in the desired order, press the "Confirm" key (4).

Fig. 3

• On the Send Tablet Material screen (see Fig. 4), with Photogallery, the key for setting the order in which the photographs are to appear will be displayed (1).

• The required technical characteristics are indicated in the relevant section (2).

• Complete the send operation by pressing the "SEND" key (3).

Fig. 4