Medium Rectangle Video


Corriere Mobile 


This is the video version of the standard Medium Rectangle.

Format Total Dimensions 300x250 px
Video Dimensions 640x360 px (16:9)
Video Format MP4
Max size 1,7 MB
Max duration 30"
Poster Image (obligatory) Static GIF, JPG. - 640x360 px - 50KB max
HTML5 HTML5 creatives must be created following these guidelines. It is possible validating your html5 assets using this tool Maximum weight: 150KB.
Ad-Serving Served by Mediaowner or Third Party
Technical Notes
Codec Video H.264
Video Bit-Rate 800 Kbps
Format profile Baseline@L3.1
Video Frame-Rate 25 fps
Codec Audio AAC - LC
Channel Stereo
Audio Bit-Rate 96 Kbps
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